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Vote NO on "Right to Farm" Amendment 1 on the August 5th Ballot

Hard Won Protections for Defenseless Animals are at Risk

August 6, 2014 - While we are disappointed with the outcome of the vote, we would like to thank our supporters who have helped educate voters about the changes this amendment could make to our hard-won animal cruelty laws and dog breeding regulations. Their dedication to this cause emphasizes the importance of commercial dog breeding regulations in Missouri.
A request for a recount of the vote could be imminent, given the narrow margin of approval of less than one percent. No matter the outcome, the Humane Society of Missouri will continue to work tirelessly to protect the health and well-being of Missouri’s companion animals. We have our boots on the ground every day of the year and will be persistent in our efforts to rescue animals who have been abused, nurse them back to health and try our best to find them loving forever homes.

A special message from Humane Society of Missouri President Kathy Warnick:





Amendment 1, the deceptively named "Right to Farm" proposed amendment to Missouri's constitution, is unnecessary and could endanger companion animals and trigger expensive law suits challenging Missouri's anti-animal cruelty laws.

  • Amendment 1 is a blatant, intentional effort to lower standards in dog breeding facilities and eliminate animal cruelty laws that protect all companion animals in our state.
    Legitimate farmers, including dog breeders, know they already have the "right to farm."
  • Though supporters are publicly focusing on their desire to protect livestock and crops from regulation, Amendment 1 really is retaliation for Missouri's passage of Propsition B and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.
    Four years ago in 2010, thousands of us who care about companion animals worked very hard to successfully pass Proposition B - protection for dogs in large-scale breeding situations; protection from lives of squalor, untreated disease, cramped cages cages and deprivation of human companionship and socialization. Despite an immediate challenge from some of these breeders, the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act (CCPA) of 2011 was enacted keeping in place basic protections from inhumane living conditions for tens of thousands of dogs.
  • Amendment 1 supporters are proposing changing Missouri's constitution so they can sue to reverse provisions in the CCPA and return to raising their breeding dogs any way they choose.
    They want to eliminate basic care like annual veterinary exams for each dog, larger cages and regular access to exercise areas. These law suits will be costly to defend, diverting money shelters need for direct animal care.

This ill-conceived change to the Missouri Constitution will be devastating to the well-being of the animals we've all worked so hard to protect. Missouri should not go back to the bad old days of breeder dogs living in 2'x2' wire-bottom cages their entire lives with no room to run, stretch or live any kind of a normal dog's life.

Do NOT be deceived by the simple sounding wording on the August 5 ballot. Keep protections for defenseless animals in place.

Right to Farm is Wrong for Animals! Vote NO on Amendment 1!

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