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LMRR Director Earlene Cole riding Stan

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch Director Earlene
Cole rides Stan around Longmeadow's
indoor arena.

Kathy on Dudley DoRight
Humane Society of Missouri President Kathy
Warnick rides Dudley DoRight around the
indoor arena.
Kathy with Stan and Dudley DoRight
Humane Society of Missouri President Kathy
Warnick with Stan (L) and Dudley (R).
Kathy, Dudley DoRight, Earlene and Stan
(L-R): Humane Society of Missouri President
Kathy Warnick on Dudley DoRight;
Ranch Director Earlene Cole on Stan

Update: Humane Society of Missouri's Horse Heroes

Rescued horses Stan and Dudley DoRight take Humane Society staff for a ride!

February, 2007

Dear Humane Society supporter,

It's hard to believe it has been more than four months since we rescued 25 horses and a hinny from an overturned trailer on Interstate 44.  The trailer had been bound for a slaughterhouse in DeKalb, Illinois, but we made a commitment to keep this group of horses safe.

With the generous support of horse lovers in Missouri and across the country, the surviving horses - our "Horse Heroes" - have received care and rehabilitation at the Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Missouri. 

The rescued horses faced an uphill path to recovery but have received the best care available at Longmeadow.  We are thrilled with the progress made by many of the horses, some of whom are now ready to be adopted. 

These Horse Heroes have either gone home or are waiting to go to their new adoptive homes:

  • Spanky
  • Freedom
  • Crashina
  • Dudley DoRight

Last week, we rode two of the horses, Dudley DoRight and Stan, around the indoor arena at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch's Learning Center.  We had a great time!  Dudley DoRight behaved like the gentleman he is.   Stan, a 19-year old Thoroughbred bred to be a racehorse, showed the energy and spirit expected of a much younger horse. 

It is so gratifying to see these horses thriving.  They have come so far since last September.

We are extremely grateful to the many supporters who have donated to help us care for these horses.  For background on each of the Horse Heroes and updates on their progress, please visit our website.  

Kindest regards,

New Kathy Signature

Kathryn W. Warnick

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