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Dear Friend,

It's hard to believe that only three weeks ago, I was fighting for my life. On a foggy St. Louis morning, someone tied me to the back of a pickup truck. The driver didn't know I was back there, and I was dragged down the interstate for more than a mile before they realized something was very wrong. I was terrified, bleeding profusely and in shock. It was the worst day of my life.

Then, the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force came to my rescue. My injuries were gruesome, and I needed help fast. They gently loaded me into the van and took me to the Humane Society of Missouri for emergency veterinary care.

That's where I met Dr. Wright. He didn't know if I could survive the traumatic injuries I'd suffered, but he and the great veterinary team at the Humane Society gave it their all. After five days of intensive treatments, IV fluids, pain medication and bandage changes, I started to feel a little bit better. My new friends at the Humane Society of Missouri decided to name me Trooper, because that's what I am. A trooper! 

While the doctors and shelter staff worked hard to keep me comfortable, the Animal Cruelty Task Force investigated leads to find out who would do this to an innocent puppy like me. They've been working on my case every day, and a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person(s) who wanted to hurt me.  

When word got out about what I'd been through, people were outraged that someone could do something so cruel to a defenseless animal. You started sharing my story and it reached as far as Australia! So many people know who I am now, and they're raising awareness that animal abuse will not be tolerated.

I am so grateful for all the love you've sent my way. I've received dozens of cards, care packages and donations to help cover the cost of my very expensive care. Dr. Wright is so happy with how far I've come in just a few short weeks, and he's optimistic that I'm going to fully heal and live a long, happy life with a wonderful family some day.

It will be some time before I may be ready to be adopted. Dr. Wright wants me to be very careful so none of my wounds become infected. My full recovery will take time, but my friends here at the Humane Society of Missouri are taking great care of me and spoiling me with my favorite treat -- string cheese.

I know that my rescue, recovery and eventual adoption would not have been possible without you. Your compassion and generosity made it possible for the Humane Society of Missouri to save me on that foggy St. Louis morning. I didn't know it then, but it turns out it was the best day of my life.

Thank you for everything.


PS - My story is just beginning. Make sure you follow my updates at hsmo.org/trooper and on my Facebook page. You can also e-mail me at trooper@hsmo.org.



This is me on the day
I was rescued.
Thank you, Dr. Wright!


I could barely stand on my own,
but now I'm feeling stronger.

Watch a video of me playing fetch
for the first time!

There is no excuse for animal abuse.

Report abuse online or by calling (314) 647-4400.

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